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Hall Spars HCB High Tech Carbon Battens

Sail battens are one of the primary components of a sail’s structure and an essential piece of your sailing equipment.

With Hall Spars’ HCB High Tech Carbon Battens, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality battens for your yacht that will take you that step closer to winning your next championship.

Hall Spars’ battens are manufactured exclusively from high quality pre-peg carbon fibre, offered for mainsails and foresails for 40 footers and above. They have a range of battens on offer, to suit any of your needs, including the Compression, Flex and Ultraflex batten, all at custom lengths and stiffnesses.

Their Compression range is for use as full-length battens for supporting square topped mainsails or connecting to sail cars. Their Flex range has the greatest difference in flexibility across its length and is for long intermediate battens, which require great flexibility at the inboard end and stiffness at the outboard ends. Whilst, the Ultraflex series are great as flutter battens to help control the leech of a mainsail with a solid laminate that tapers towards the inboard end.

A full range of end fittings are also available, from soft sail furling to batten receptacles, lashing outboard ends, adjustable outboard or inboard ends with screw adjusters.

Currently, the company’s batten production in Valencia, Spain, is running at full speed and ready to receive any new orders. With a European hub, there is a short lead time and minimum shipping costs, ready to help you get sailing as soon as possible.

To talk to the Hall Spars team about which batten can best fit your need, and to place your order,  please contact them here.

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