smack daddy

Perhaps my all-time favorite boat. Just so radical and fascinating from back then. Tragic ending. Lifted from our friend Julian Everitt…

Smackwater Jack. Very quick Paul Whitting designed One Tonner – circa 1977. Paul, who was very sadly lost at sea aboard this very yacht, was another IOR design specialist, like Stephen Jones, who made a great success of pushing the measurement points to the limit.

In our office, during this period, I would sometimes sketch a lines plan with all of the IOR measurement ‘points’ where I wanted them and then handed the problem of fairing it all up to my great draughtsman of the time, John Stafford Billings. Sometimes he would come back and just say it wasn’t possible to fair it, so we would have to compromise a little bit and take the rating hit.

Nowadays with all of this so called freedom to draw fast boats, you wouldn’t believe the shear joy that us designers shared in having to comply to a rule. An intellectual challenge that is largely absent today.