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before they sell out

Received in the e-mail today, this is such a bullshit thing for the Newport to Ensenada race to send out to people:  “Legendary Red Hats for Sale – an N2E first”.

“Legendary Red Hats”? Did they mean the incredibly played out red Mt. Gay hats that they used to give to the boats in the race? The ones that were cool for about 2 minutes 30 years ago? The ones that if worn today, you automatically know that you are looking at a tool? Those hats?

Maybe they mean the red MAGA hats that only the residents of Dumbfuckistan wear? Those hats? Nope, not any of those. “The Legendary Red Hats for Sale – an N2E first” are actually cheap looking, Ullman branded red hats. Who in the fuck wants one of those? And for $20 a pop? Please.

Legendary Red Hats for Sale – an N2E first 

What’s more legendary than N2E? The race’s legendary red hats! For the first time ever our highly coveted, signature hats are available for sale. While supplies last, these 2020 collector’s items that commemorate the race that was only run in our hearts will support our valued sponsor – Ullman Sails – and the 2021 race.