the love yacht club

Kinda makes one wonder what other yacht clubs are doing, if anything. Got a story about a club helping the community in these times, then drop in this thread.

Black Rock, CT – Black Rock Yacht Club (BYRC), a fixture in the Black Rock section of Bridgeport for almost 100 years, responded to the Coronavirus shut-down like everyone else – closing the Campus and Clubhouse and revamping the Club’s Fine Dining Service into Pick Up and Go! Take Out Only dinner service for members – except, at the same time, the Membership launched a program to support their fellow members who were working on the front line in healthcare facilities and by extension their local community of Front Line Health Care workers by providing individually packaged meals, snacks and beverages to several hospitals and healthcare facilities in the area.

“It was clear to us, that our members, a group of whom are on the health care front lines themselves, were overwhelmed and struggling as we all were initially. But, we are a small club and the membership is our family- community; word was going around the membership, and taken up by the Board of Governors, that as a Club, we needed to do something to support these folks,” said Chris Moore, BRYC Commodore. “We discussed with our members, our Fleet Surgeon and another member, a Doctor at Bridgeport Hospital – what should we do? How can we help?” Read on, courtesy of the Hub.