…a mask you can wear without looking like a dope!

The Sailing Anarchy FB9 face mask. The US Centers for Disease Control recommends that everyone now wear a face mask especially when outside of the home. The FB9 face mask is MADE IN USA and is the latest version of our comfortable, light weight and washable face-wear specifically designed for warmer weather. The innovative contoured shape has an adjustable nose flap that allows you to maintain excellent visibility without an irtitating shape many other masks provide.

The moisture wicking ultra soft polyester/Spandex fabric will help keep you protected without over heating like cotton/polyester blends often do. The Spandex fabric component flexes with your movement and stops the mask from stretching out. Two sets of earhole adjusters help you achieve a comfortable fit in this one size fits all face mask. Washable, reusable. Use coupon code “Masked” at checkout and save. Get em right here.