apparent covid direction

What, did you think we’ve just been sitting around here at SA?  No fucking way! We want to be part of the solution to this current crisis, not just some jackasses sitting around making fun of everything.

So we assembled a crack engineering team to designed and build the prototype SA Apparent Covid Direction Indicator. With one of these stylish, yet functional li’l beauties parked on your dome, you will quickly be alerted if there is Covid near you, and what direction it is coming from.

Then when the SA Apparent Covid Direction Indicator tells you to stop, check the instrument to determine what direction the next puff of death is coming from and then immediately tack, gybe, whatever, just turn and run the opposite direction asap.  You clearly can’t win on the race course, but in the game of life, you’ll be a winner!

Needless to say, there are a number of electronics companies clamoring to have exclusive use and re-branding rights for this groundbreaking device. We are holding out for top dollar, but don’t feel that we are profiteering in these times. We are just providing a much-required service in these trying times.

Photography by Justin Edelman.