rum won’t save you

It can happen to any of us, even at The Bacardi Cup…

When her cellphone rang on March 30, Lori De Luca Reid felt a jolt of surprise seeing her husband’s name on the screen.

Eleven terrible days had passed since Richard Reid left their Port Credit farmhouse on a stretcher and was taken to the Mississauga Hospital with a progressively worsening case of COVID-19.

The hospital wasn’t allowing visitors so the couple had been connecting through texts and heart emojis. The unexpected call was a pleasant departure and she picked up, feeling delighted. “Hi honey, how are you?”

But the voice on the line was unrecognizable. “I was like, this is not Richard. This does not sound like Richard,” De Luca Reid recalls. “All I could hear was a garbled, crying, terrified man.

“Then the nurse that was attending to him grabbed the phone and said, ‘He’s being intubated, that’s what he’s trying to tell you. Now I’ve gotta go.’ And that’s where they left me.” The line went dead.

For the Reids, that phone call marked a turning point in Richard’s struggle to overcome the novel coronavirus and his deliverance into the darkest chapter in any COVID patient’s fight: mechanical ventilation.

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