who remembers jib tops?

Great post today from our great Sailing Anarchy Forums, brought to you by Marlow Ropes.:

I’m wondering what the feasibility/use case is for a Jib Top on my C&C 29mk2 for Cruising in the PNW. What are your thoughts on the performance of a Jib-top over the barberhauled Genoa? Is it worth the extra effort of potential sail changes single-handed?

I’m primarily cruising from Vancouver to the Gulf Islands and back and I find myself close/beam reaching most of the time while crossing the Strait of Georgia. Apparent wind angles typically range from beam on to ~10 degrees off close hauled on these crossings depending on where I’m headed and wind strength.

I’m finding I’ve got a pretty big gap between my brand new 135% Genoa barberhauled outside the lifelines and my Asymmetric Spinnaker which came with the boat which has a wire luff and seems to have a cut suitable for closer wind angles. In ~3-8kts I can carry the A-sail at about 85 degrees true but above that I have to bear away or go back to white sails.

I’ve been thinking it might be worth getting my old 135% Genoa re-cut as a jib top to fill in this gap. A lot of the time I won’t beat out of English Bay or Trincomali channel due to time constraints with tides but I prefer to sail across the strait. This means I’m not really concerned about the lack of close hauled performance and I’m not super worried about changing the headsail once in the gulf islands where I’m likely to be beating to the next anchorage. I’m typically taking my headsails down while at anchor rather than leaving them furled with my UV cover hoisted.

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