less than zero

Those are the Las Vegas betting odds for this foolish attempt…

Dutchman Jordy van der Voort and compatriot Daniel Wiessing are preparing to sail from Australia to the Netherlands, a 13,000 nautical miles journey, but first, they are ironing out a few issues one of which is that neither man has much sailing experience.

29-year-old Jordy van der Voort has the boat. He sold his backpacker truck last week and bought Samara, a 47 footer ferrocement ketch, for a good price. He is Dutch, after all.

He knew he couldn’t sail the boat on his own and the very next day after his purchase, by pure coincidence, 23- year-old Daniel Wiessing put out feelers on a Dutch backpacker Facebook page to see if there was any interest in sailing back to Amsterdam in a not-yet-purchased “corona-free catamaran” Read on.

Any yes, there is a thread. Title rip off thanks to Elvis.