surviving the cov

We put out a call for you to send in how you are getting through the Covid-19, sailing-wise. Send it !

Three of us live in my house: me, my wife, and my young adult son who is running one of my businesses out of our home office.

I restrict the crew on our Olson 40 to no more than the three of us (this is an older photo.), but the boat is easy to sail with two, so this is not a problem for sailing. We have been sailing most weekend days. Since Catalina is off limits, and we wish to avoid going to the many local destinations and yacht clubs, our sailing has simply been day sails on the Catalina Channel. It has been beautiful! And very valuable for mental health.

We keep the Olson in a slip at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club’s private marina. The state does not restrict our use of the private marina, unlike in many public marinas nearby. However, we do in fact take social distancing seriously: the club house is closed, except for the restrooms and showers. The restrooms and showers are cleaned multiple times per day by our normal janitorial staff that has been rescheduled to provide 7 day per week support without overlap. The club continues to pay all staff, including bar and restaurant staff, for the foreseeable future. Since the bar is closed, happy hour events have been occurring using video chat tools, and are a lot of fun.

Social distancing is carefully practiced everywhere in the marina. We can still have cocktail parties! Two examples: Last weekend, we had two couples drop by the boat. Each couple stayed on the slip fingers next to the boat, one couple to port, the other couple to starboard, and my wife and I in the cockpit. The weekend before, six couples got together, but again each pair was close, but each pair was about 10 feet apart, two people sitting on each dock finger. We had snacks, but only one person at a time at the snack table, and the snacks were separable — no dips! In both cases, we laughed! Great fun, the social interaction — at a distance — almost felt normal.

As a family at home and while on the boat, we have been taking advantage of video chat tools to enjoy socializing with family and friends.  – Anarchist David.