done dirty

solosailor drops some ‘frisco local knowledge…

Well after chasing out those who spoke out against the original Alameda Marina Development plan in Cali years ago, then promises made to many prominent marine businesses that they would be able to stay on the property and would simply move into a redeveloped historic building.

Then January 1 they gave these businesses and a yacht club 90 days notice to vacate.   Not really easy to relocate in the heart of the Bay Area and stay near the water.   One loss was the 30-35 year large loft is not more, closed and reduced down to an office.

Now they just issued a a notice to the remaining dry storage tenants that the current hoist would not be in use anymore after May 15th AND would not reopen in it greatly reduced number of spots until the END of 2021.  This is the only dry storage in the estuary besides the Encinal Yacht Club.   Multihull have no where to go as Brickyard Cover doesn’t accept multihull.

So there you have it, fuck by the developer again without even a kiss.  As we all know once waterfront is lost for boating use it doesn’t come back.   Tragic.    Jump in the thread.