it never fails

When it blows over 20 in San Diego, there is always some wanker in trouble.  What we think is a San Juan 24  floundering just outside the surf line was shot by our good friend John Downing, and here is what he said:

The boat got to about 100 yards off of Beacons.   Coast Guard boat and helicopter near by, but the Life Guard jet ski  got to him.   He apparently dropped the jib and perhaps threw  it in the water.  The jet ski  towed the boat out and north (probably Oceanside) .  So the jib will find it’s way to the beach.  Probably big fine for the sailor.  Shot with 560 mm lens from my deck. Click on pic to enlarge.

Looked like a solo sail on a perfect Melges 24 day – 20 to 25 kts out of the south!