what the hell

Listen, you got nuthin’ to do, so rather than being bored to death by “editorials” claiming how great and strong our sport is by someĀ  pontificating douche, sit your ass down and be entertained.

I’ve started building a proa back in October and I am now well on the way of making something that looks like a boat and is turning out to be waterproof. I chose to build in in Alu mainly because of the low maintanance aspects of it. I chose a proa because…

I mean look at that design.I just fell in love with the whole concept.Things have been going steadily and I’ve also kept a video record of the build. Here’s the latest episode if you’re interested.

I’ve enjoyed watching these build videos for years and now I’m making them myself. I used to work with a friend who came over to do the editing but honestly if you’re not there the whole time it’s very difficult to paint a picture without having to look at ALL the footage.

So I decided to go back to basics and make those videos on my own. I’m enjoying the collective effort to solve some of my problems. I wanted to upload some pictures of the boat to show you where I’m at but I got errors with the files over and over again. Welp. If you got questions, shoot. Or try to find the answer on my YouTube channel or instagram

All under the name of – king herog -A bit of self promotion. A bit of genuine enthusiasm to share my fortune. Please excuse my vanity. Jump in the thread.