down goes dago?

God damn. Quite selfishly, there goes my lovely little daysails with my lovely little gf. But aren’t we all thinking about how this destroys any sailing

Sharon Cloward of the Port Tenants Association has informed us that the Port is considering closing the bay until the Pandemic is over. Many of you are boat owners, in the marine industry or know someone who is.
We need to act promptly, time is of the essence. Having our boats restricted to their mooring for 2-3 months could be devastating to our businesses.  Before you know it we will not even be able to go to our boats at the dock.

Board of Port Commissioners and CEO,

It has come to my attention that the San Diego Unified Port District is considering closing the bay to recreational boating.  This is a huge concern to us boaters who have collectively invested millions of dollars in a boat to use especially in difficult times like this. Our boats are our second home. I see no impact to spreading the virus when we use our boats with people in our immediate house hold.  

Your leadership in allowing the continued responsible use of the bay for recreational boating is very important right now.  Copy the above emboldened text  and send it to: The Port of San Diego.