look what i done did

Some of you may have noticed that I’m selling A4, and for a very good reason. And some of you also know I get bored fairly quickly, (hence the parade of boats over the years). I threw a little old school head fake at you by telling you I was looking for an Ericson 35-2 (You didn’t actually think I would do something that retarded, did you?)

So, I came into some dough recently, and have been very quietly looking around for what’s next. Need to keep in around 40′, want it to haul ass, don’t give a fuck about one design, but do care about ripping shit up.

This fucker seems to be pretty much forgotten, but I never did. The boat is en route, hopefully arriving in early May, just in time for my Never Mind The Bollocks Regatta in June.

Working on a kelp cutter and a couple new sails, and boom – say hello to A5!

the above is simply an april fool’s joke!