help a brother out?

Well, we don’t get things like this. He seems legit.

Dear Editor

My name is Tom Duggan I am due to retire at the end of the year ,I work in TV as frontline journalist ,and I am a UK citizen who has covered the war inside Syria for many outlets for over 7 years . Outlets include CBS RT and many others. The reason I am contacting your good self is at present I don’t own a boat .

I intend to travel back to my native Newcastle Upon Tyne North East England later this year and purchase one .
I have always been adventurous I crossed the Sahara on foot climbed most of the mountains in the UK as a lead climber experienced Kyaker and open water swimmer.

Among my firsts in Syria: First westerner to enter Golan. First Westerner to travel the desert route to Dier Ezzor both through normans land. The only westerner to lead ITV and french journalists through the battle of Aleppo as a guide. I have witnessed every battle in Syria both as a journalist and a medic.

Sailing will be my next big adventure

The reason I am contacting you is I have very little knowledge on boats. I need a boat that is old and reliable. I am not looking for an expensive boat or luxury type ,I can do without modern luxury.  And capable of doing ocean crossings the smaller the better. My film will be over a year of sailing around the world in some of the most hostile environments. So I do need help and advice. This is the biggest project I have worked on .

If you can share this post on your forum I would appreciate and help you can offer.

Jump in and discuss here.