hell yes they miss it

We are more than two weeks past the day Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) cancelled the Spring 2020 season, and college sailors are missing the competition now more than ever. With physical graduations being cancelled, or in some cases postponed until a more convenient date, everything has been going wrong for the class of 2020.

With classes still going on remotely and everybody being locked in their houses, thoughts of college sailing pop into my mind. But that is for every college sailor. I was talking to one of the seniors on my team just the other day and she told me that she really misses sailing.

That made me think. Why are college sailors missing college sailing so much? They could still be sailing at home or even after college. College sailing is not as easy as it might seem. In all college sports, an athlete has to manage time to succeed both academically and athletically, which can sometime make living the college life difficult. But being a part of a sailing team is special.

You spend a whole two seasons, for four years, with your team, something that not every sport does. The team becomes your second family, one that you most definitely spend more time with than your actually family during the school year. That is what makes all college athletic teams special and, honestly, one of the best parts about being a part of a team at college.

With all that has gone on in the past month, here is what a few college sailing seniors had to say