Bob Miller/Ben Lexcen – after committing to the 1987 America’s Cup defense

“I’m already asking myself why I’m checking into this madhouse yet again. It’s like hitting myself on the head with a bloody great hammer. All I get is headaches. When you analyse this whole 12-metre thing you have to wonder why people subject themselves to all those hassles.

There has to be an element of madness in there. But then if you look at the mega-millionaires involved, there aren’t many things in the world that can pander to their egos as much as the America’s Cup summer does. They’re on the world stage for three months. Even the richest guys can’t get that sort of attention unless they cause a bloody war. Nothing else allows them to command so much world attention so easily and so cheaply.

That’s what the America’s Cup comes down to in the end, a huge ego trip. Why else would you do it? But now my ego is saying I’ve got to go on and defend the damned thing – to show the Yanks that it wasn’t just a fluke.”

  • Props to Anarchist David