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We are doing our best to help advertisers promote their products and services through these difficult times, and we are happy that Abordage is one that understands the reach of Sailing Anarchy, and the importance of being present and open for business!

For more than 30 years now, the Abordage.com family has produced amazing half-hull and full-hull models down in the Dominican Republic for boater enthusiasts around the world. The family-owned business has endured, and they continue to maintain their amazing high-levels of craftsmanship.

They build all kinds of boats from sailing dinghies to Mega Yachts or racing Imoca 60. Hell, they have built four models for me – Cal 20, Melges 32, Santa Cruz 33, Flying Tiger 10.

Check out their replica of the last Hugo Boss Imoca 60 for the challenge of the Vendée Globe? It is a real masterpiece. These particular models are not for sale but they built more than a hundred, nice job!

Highly recommend that you get in touch with Cynthia or Denis at Abordage; they’ll duplicate your boat for you!