a new standard

Big Pimpin'

As the SailGP circuit moves into its second year, a great deal of refinement and development has been poured into every aspect of the complex operation – not least on the boats themselves, which will be fitted with a new set of wings for 2020, made by Core Builders Composites (CBC) in New Zealand, which handles all of the manufacturing for SailGP. When the SailGP project took flight with its inaugural event at Sydney in January last year, the first priority was to standardise the hull platforms and foils, but there was no time to build a new set of wings.

‘The whole concept is for all the equipment to be strictly one-design, but, while the America’s Cup wings were very similar in profile, they all had quite different control systems,’ says Mark Turner, the managing director of CBC. ‘The next phase was obviously to fully standardise the wings across the fleet, which provided an opportunity to take a clean-sheet approach and come up with a new solution that is tailored to the particular demands of SailGP.’ Read on.