hope/false hope?

We do not endorse any potential cure for anything. Many people say that indeed Sailing Anarchy is a virus, and there doesn’t seem to be any cure for it! Per usual, we just like to put content out there that people may find of interest

You may have heard by now that there is significant hope with treatment to be available for the coronavirus. This was little known just a week ago. Here is a piece about what the treatment is, what are the current indications about its effectiveness, and how it is being progressively adopted in various jurisdictions. It also reflects about the implications of this development for controlling the pandemic.

This is informational, and does not intend to provide false hopes. All the sources are quoted, so check for yourself and form your own opinion. We will know more in a matter of weeks about the treatment’s actual efficacy. Yet, this may well be a game changer and may help to control this pandemic faster than initially thought.

There is a shift of paradigm regarding how to deal with the raging coronavirus pandemic. Treatment is on its way. And it takes the form of a very cheap combination of an anti-malaria drug and antibiotics.

Here is the treatment now recommended by Professor Didier Raoult – the number one expert in the world in communicable diseases, according to expertscape.com –Read on.

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