there is zero chance this will happen

SHOCKING: We got this one day later. Who could have seen this coming? Maybe next time, think it through…?

To be socially responsible, we are cancelling Easter festivities and postponing all Opening Day weekend activities.

While we appreciate the optimism (as misplaced as it is), SDYC announced just today that the mega crowded Opening Day weekend will continue as scheduled, for April 17 & 18.

I’ve been to a bunch of them and without question, the Sunday part of this is among the most crowded I have ever seen¬† it at the yc.¬† Given the edict that was just rendered yesterday from Governor Gavin Newsome, this is a really misguided thing to announce.

I’m sure I’ve just given certain yc members even more reason to dislike me, but come on, bruh. y’all is trippin’!
– ed.