covid-19 mask anarchy

I’m seeing twitter posts and WSJ front page stories with increasing frequency about the fact the country is running out of surgical masks, and some hospitals are resorting to having people sew them in the hospital.

That made me think the sailing industry and community could mobilize to help reduce this problem. Many cities have a loft floor, a few sewing machines, and people who know how to sew.

Here is what is needed to be identified:

Hospital with need
Buyer of surgical supplies for hospital
Specs of masks
Desired materials, and second best option
Loft location
Floor size and number of machines
Keep the machines running 24/7, retired sailmaker, anyone who can sew
Payment of materials and time.

Massive manufacturing is best, but does not seem available. Manufacturing masks locally for each hospital has multiple advantages such as time to ship, minimal steps between manufacture and delivery. This is not a long term solution, it is triage, necessary right now.

Forget about what should have been done, what would be the best/cheapest way to manufacture masks. The need is immediate. Like today. Get masks made now, work towards larger automated manufacturing with appropriate haste.

Right now what is needed is Mask Anarchy. Just like a popular boat was designed on SA, so to can we help solve an immediate medical supply problem.

If you know anyone in any of the relevant positions, try to connect them with another part of the equation. Do not wait for anyone to give permission, just do it. If you can help, or know someone who can, just post it here. If this grows and a database would be desirable, I’m sure there’s someone here who can run that. The first step is to identify the need and specifications via the appropriate hospital purchasing agent, as they will know the specific need and have all the required specs and via their supply chain, the necessary materials.

On a related issue, this company is helping with 3D printing for face shields. Anyone with printer time ought to read this and see if the same need for shields applies to their local hospital. https://budmen.com

This is critical. We have to reduce the contagion so the economy can get going again as fast as possible. Everyone is just sitting around with nothing to do – so here’s something productive to do, communicate and lead. This place has more than it’s share of wicked smart, very connected people. – Peter Huston.