stay, no, go

When you are a cruise ship and they don’t let you dock there is always the room service, a nice comfortable bed, plenty of on board digital ‘distractions.’

However, what if you are on a yacht that arrives in a port and they won’t let you in?

If you are a nice fat cruising catamaran with all the amenities, perhaps not as nice as the cruise ship but with the swim toys and plenty space to move around. But if you are on a stripped out racing yacht and you only set off with perhaps your MP3 Player and 1 book it is rather more tedious, bordering on the inhuman.

That is the sad state of affairs the Philippine Authorities have foisted on the fleet of 11 matched 72 foot race boats of the Clipper Round the World Race Fleet. When I first heard this a few hours ago I thought, ‘No way, give me a break’, more important give THEM a break.

It isn’t as if they have arrived from a COVID-19 hotspot like China or South Korea. They have arrived in Subic Bay on Luzon Island  – you guessed it – from Subic Bay, Luzon Island. At least that is the story from World on Water.

WE spoke to people on the ground. ACTUAL people and the crew are on their way home. Sometimes pays NOT to jump the gun in the attempt for sensational headlines.

As second verification we checked out the Clipper website (wonderful thing the internet) and they confirm that the temporary quarantine on the yachts has been lifted and the crew are on their way home after a, thankfully, unique end to their adventure.

Did I say end? Well of course the ‘round the worlders’ will be returning in 10 months time to complete their adventure. – SS.