virus safe, but not weird safe

Hey what the hell. You gotta better idea?

Sailing together with similar sails, you won’t come near to others.

The heeling moment on a sailor is independent of height of sail, enabling much taller sails, leading to very efficient sails – compare slender glider wings.
Unlike traction kite,s it doesn’t fall down in lulls. One way to change tack is to stop and sail the other way. Innovative, agile,  sailors can probably tack/gybe it overhead. Can be used on ice, snow, land, water.

Easy to build yourself. Cost of material from some usd150. A racing 10 sqm kite costs around usd 2000 and maybe slower because of curved planform and uneven surface.
Basic building and sailing instructions will be produced if someone is interested. Including support while building, testing, modifying, enjoying sailing, winning sail races…. Contact now if you are interested!

Info  https://sites.google.com/site/iwsellplans/