didn’t get the memo?

UPDATE: Oh look who woke up two days later

We never pay any attention to these guys, but maybe now we will! Cancellation of this event will be any day now. Dopes.

The Cheddar Ales Chase is set to open the spring/summer half of the Great British Sailing Challenge after seven well-attended handicap events during the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series. While there’s a risk that coronavirus could put the kibosh on the event happening, the attitude and approach for the time being is to keep calm and carry on, unless and until told otherwise by Boris and the British government.

Set to take place on 4 & 5 April, the Cheddar Ales Chase follows a similar format to the same used at some of the well-proven regattas in the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series. Saturday will be a maximum of four back-to-back handicap races under the Great Lakes Handicap numbers, and then a two-hour Pursuit Race on the Sunday.