single line snarler

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I am sailing a 32 foot sprit boat (catamaran) single handed a lot lately and have an issue I need help with. The problem I’m running into is deals with the code O/screacher which run out to the end 5 foot of bowsprit with a tack line and furled using a continuous line furler.

As I’m sailing single handed, to furl the sail requires two hands on the furling line. If I just blow the sheet, there is not enough load on the leach and the top of the sail does not furl causing a flogging mess. If there is too much load on the sheet, it generates torque at the tack which will cause the furling line to wrap itself around the tack and then the sail won’t furl in or out.

This is a 750 SF sail so it’s a bit of a beast if it get’s out of control.  I always thought that continuous line furlers where simple systems that worked really well. In this application, I’ve got issues.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.