gt tourer

Big Pimpin'

Have you ever wondered what a sailing yacht designed by Studio F. A. Porsche might look like? The answer is revealed in the pictures on these pages. The famous design studio founded by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche – the man who drew the curves of the iconic Porsche 911 – has just designed its first-ever sailing yacht, working alongside Humphreys Yacht Design to give Elan’s new flagship model, the GT6, a unique combination of performance, comfort and style.

Commissioned by Elan to bring its signature design values to the world of offshore sailing, Studio F. A. Porsche has produced a strikingly modern yet also classic design for the deck, cockpit and interior of the Elan GT6 that is guaranteed to turn heads in any harbour. A true grand tourer in all respects, the 49ft (15m) GT6 is optimised for fast, medium- range short-handed cruising. A natural evolution from Elan’s widely acclaimed GT5, the new GT6 is a big step up in onboard luxury from Elan’s previous models but it preserves the brand’s sporty DNA.

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