dinghy distancing

Big Pimpin'

In an unprecedented move, Fulcrum Speedworks is offering discounted UFOs to fight COVID-19 by encouraging isolation & healthy activity simultaneously. There’s no place further away from other people than out in a dinghy!

These last few months and weeks have been rough and they are going to get rougher. What can the sailing industry do to help? We can provide ways for people to stay isolated yet active at the same time. Simple. People are suddenly working from home. If you had a vacation planned for this summer you’ve probably cancelled it. For our very survival, in-person social interaction is grinding to a halt. Around the world, we’re struggling with the a new conundrum: How do I alter my daily life to embrace social distancing without going crazy?

We suggest single-handed dinghy sailing! There are actually few activities on earth that are such and end in themselves and so compatible with keeping totally away from other people. While at times dinghy sailing is a big party, the true use pattern often is: Launch alone, sail alone, have fun alone, learn alone, go ashore and go to bed happy. Repeat at next possible opportunity.

In an effort to help people to remain active while encouraging isolation to combat COVID-19, Fulcrum Speedworks is offering UFO’s at a $500 discount now until March 31st. I strongly advise others in the industry to do the same. At the end of the day, as luxury businesses, this is likely the best thing we can do to help. No boatbuilder is going to invent a vaccine, but we can do something.

We can help people endure solitude and make it rewarding. This is the right time to be outside the box; a good time to have an adventure for one. This is a good time to take up foiling, or windsurfing or kiting or any other solo activity. This is a good time to home-build a kayak, or restore a thistle in you garage. This is a good time to minimize your interpersonal expression and maximize your solitary self improvement. We are happy to provide a healthy alternative to those who want to stay active, but don’t want to be a part of the Coronavirus problem.

Dave Clark
Fulcrum Speedworks llc