meat is murder

This isn’t anything we would normally run, but it is indeed appalling. And it happens all the fucking time. We cannot stand any form of animal cruelty. So next time you reach for some dead meat to eat, maybe think twice…

14 months after the live export voyage, Australia’s Department of Agriculture has released the onboard observer’s report (IO report 55) for the 22-day voyage made by the Shorthorn Express to China – the report indicates that the livestock onboard suffered from food and water deprivation, amongst other welfare issues.

Spokesperson for Vets Against Live Export (VALE) Dr. Sue Foster described the animal suffering portrayed in the report as appalling, saying: “The voyage ran out of food due mainly to rough seas reducing vessel speed which increased voyage length by three days. Very limited feed was available from late on Day 19, as the fodder supplies were exhausted, and some cattle were not fed at all during the day of discharge as zero food remained. A long voyage duration was anticipated from Day 2 so why did this vessel not turn back to Australia or load extra food at the next available Australian port?” Read on.