divided and conquered?

This article covers recent events relating to a working party established by the European branch of the International Laser Class Assocation – EurILCA – to decide on the future of the class in a European context. An inconclusive vote, at a specially convened general assembly, took place today on the recommendations of this working party.

The article also provides a brief update on The Laser Class – the new class announced just a week ago. Finally, the article comments on the urgent need for ILCA and EurILCA to take their responsibilities regarding the coronavirus epidemic.

Following its January 1 ultimatum to the international laser class ILCA, and an absence of response to the ultimatum by ILCA’s secretariat, the European branch of the class, EurILCA, formed a working group to explore avenues for the future of Laser sailing in Europe. With nearly two third of the world-wide membership, Europe is indeed essential for Laser sailing. Read on.