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hey joe

Some sailors come and go quickly because they just like the rush of competition instead of the actual sailing itself. I believe the ones that sail forever love sailing itself; what’s more, they love the process of improving. It’s liberating, as there is no pressure to perform and achieve at any given event, for any specific result. Some people are forced into the sport of sailing at a young age whether they like it or not.

However, the ones who sail competitively their entire lives are the ones who enjoy the process of incrementally improving on a frequent basis, including their boat-handling maneuvers, tactics and whatever else the current challenge may be. Joe Morris is one of those guys. He’s had his fair share of ups and downs –from a 4-time college sailing All-American to an unsuccessful Olympic 49er campaign. Yet Joe continues to be at the cutting edge of sailing competition, despite all the trials and tribulations throughout. This is his story.