hit the target

Seabin Project are on target to hit the $1M mark today, with over $850K raised in the last 3 days. We have 28 days left to raise $3M and then we will scale up Seabin Project!

The Seabin Smart Tech is now operational in 52 countries. Each day over 500 million litres of water is filtered for micro plastics, oil and more. The global daily capture estimate is 3.6 tons of marine litter.

A Seabin works by sucking water in through the top of the device and pumping it back out again at the bottom. As water travels through the middle, a filter captures trash, oil, fuel and detergents.

Going forward, Seabin Project is looking to drive scale and profitability by shifting manufacturing from Europe to Australia, streamlining the sales process and continuing to diversify the product offering with subscription based revenue. Check it out.