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As part of SAP’s vision for a cleaner ocean, recently announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the company is building a digital platform to support experts and advocates

SAP is partnering with eXXpedition and the initiative co-founder, ocean advocate Emily Penn, to support its commitment to a cleaner ocean by 2030. Emily and her team have invited 300 women from all walks of life to sail 38,000 nautical miles in 30 stages. The women have one mission: to explore the science of — and solutions to — ocean plastic and become ambassadors to combat ocean pollution.

The need for ocean advocacy is greater than ever before. Research suggests there could be 1 million times more microplastics floating in our oceans than previously thought. But in truth, no one has a precise metric on the volume or impact of plastic polluting the oceans. Emily and team aim to raise greater awareness based on scientific data with the help of SAP. Read on.