yacht club justice

Reading the front page piece on the chair throwing sailor getting a conviction recording set aside reminded me of the abuses of justice seemingly afforded to those or through those of supposed higher standing.

I wonder how the lack of understanding of the word punishment or similarly penalty has slipped in some quarters.

This sailor threw chairs at another causing actual bodily harm – not one chair but 5. What a shame that his social life may be curtailed – isn’t that what a punishment should be? A punishment? 

Would he have got away so lightly if he was – for example – claimed to be the result of a single parent upbringing ?

Or a country leader who broke rules regarding foreign influence in a country’s elections and his mates declined to allow evidence that could have damaged his chances allowing him to get off scot free then in the light of his comments gets his buddy’s jail sentence reduced – hmmm…

Or bringing it back to home when a Sydney Hobart super maxi tacks in the water of another and receives the lowest possible actual penalty (one place) the chairman of the jury who had served for 8 years is mysteriously NOT invited back the following year.

Revolutions are made of smaller injustices than these and no small wonder there are liberals in the world. – SS.