We’ve never pulled punches about the kind of person we think Larry Ellison is.  Even as fans of his SailGP project have begged us to ‘go easy’ because of ‘the good’ he’s doing for the sport, we’ve maintained that Larry rarely has  done anything for a truly good reason. His latest project is more about Larry’s inability to accept defeat and spiting the tiny little nation who so completely humiliated him in Bermuda.

And today, Ellison’s spite for ‘the people’ likely killed his series for good when the news broke that Lazza is now raising millions for one Donald J. Trump, hosting the orange diabetes host for a quarter-million-dollar-a-plate fundraiser next month, presumably in some castle or palace or spaceship or wine cavern.  Ellison becomes the first tech titan to openly support Trump outside of the notoriously detested Peter Thiel; obviously the thought of Bernie Sanders coming for any of the billions that Ellison is entitled to by right was just too much for Ellison and his infinite generosity.

Looking at the 2020 SailGP season schedule we’re struck by what a well-educated and socialist-loving bunch of venues are on the list, and we are not at all sure that Sydney, Copenhagen, New York, Cowes, and San Francisco are going to be excited about providing support for Larry Ellison’s passion project, especially since Trump is likely to attend at least one of the US events.

Anyone who downloads the SailGP App, visits a SailGP venue, or shares a SailGP link will indirectly be supporting Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, and anyone who works for SailGP will be directly supporting it.

Hey, It was good while it lasted. Discuss in the FailGP thread.