bad actors

This is my version of hell. I told you why I wasn’t going to the us sailing “leadership” forum, and here, in (almost) living color, is exactly why: Dave Reed, Dawn Riley, some dork (with his badge on to signify his self-importance), Tucker Carlson, oops, Thompson and Tom Ehmann.

Excepting Ehmann, I could not find four people who dislike me more, and vice versa. And look at that ridiculous “stage” – could they cram them any closer together?

Can you imagine me up there – hahahaha! I’d be wearing a black Anarchy hoody, on my third Bloody Mary, saying inappropriate things, making snoring sounds, and probably farting about every other minute. I’d blame Riley too, and no one would doubt me.

Yep, looking forward to my invitation for next year. – ed.