flock of seagulls

A read of this article from the Guardian infuriates us. “Relocate” 1,000 seagulls for the precious America’s Cup. Really? For a ferry terminal? For one event? Why not let Ineos frack the area while they’re at it. It would be a great cross-branding marketing home run! 

The good news is that it seems to work, although it is bad precedent to think that animals, especially at-risk animals, can just be moved out of the way for such a frivolous reason as a fucking sailboat race. Oh wait this isn’t just any race, this is the four boat AC race. America’s Cup uber alles!

The building of infrastructure for the America’s Cup has forced the relocation of 1,000 at-risk seagulls in Auckland, in what is believed to be New Zealand’s largest mass relocation of a bird colony.

The project saw the colony of red-billed gulls moved from a space on Auckland’s waterfront that has been earmarked for a ferry terminal to be built for the sailing race, which will be held in the city in 2021.

Squawking, chip-stealing seagulls are under threat in New Zealand, with some colonies experiencing “unbelievable declines”, and others disappearing altogether over the past few decades. Read on.

Title inspiration well, thanks to, you know who. But do you remember this song?