shut ’em down

So, there are now other perspectives on just what exactly happened in this incident. The stories are in play right now. Can’t see this not turning into a legal battle at some point…

UPDATE:  My name is Ron Gibbs, andI’m the Commodore of the Arizona Yacht Club. This accusation is absolutely false. Mr. Hill failed to confirm his presence in a timely manner and did not advertise the auction items on his website as he had verbally agreed. When he didn’t show up on time (he was an hour late) we assumed he wasn’t coming. When he did arrive, he was unprepared as he had not reviewed any of the material. We had already moved on to Plan B. We are still waiting to hear Hill’s explanation.

But wait, there’s more: (click to expand)

From FB, and no reason to think this isn’t legit, as the poster is legit. ‘Zona is a racist state anyway – remember this asshole? And now they have this little shrew, Senator Martha McSally to be proud of.

Title inspiration again, thanks to PE.