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FT TEC USA Corp, Miami Florida, partnering with Aquaventures Inc.  Hollywood, Florida is excited to announce the release of the LTS 20 Live Tracking System (LTS) at the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) Feb. 13-17.

This world first tracking system is capable of real time tracking of pets, children or anything that the transponder is attached to up to 5 km from the base station. Designed and manufactured by FT-TEC Austria, makers of the world’s smallest and best AIS/DSC Man Overboard Beacon (MOB), the LTS 20 was developed in response to repeated inquiries about the suitability of attaching our MOB to pets when at sea.  FT-TEC designed a very small beacon that can be attached to the pet.

The marine version is water activated so if there is a pet overboard the unit will activate and start broadcasting the GPS location using a radio frequency which the base station receives and converts to AIS frequencies so that the location will be seen on the chart plotter on the host vessel.

The transponder can also be geofenced so that if your pet leaves your selected boundary you will receive an alarm. In addition to broadcasting a GPS position, the LTS 20 shows range and bearing as it also incorporates a radio direction finder (RDF) to help locate your pet.

The  LTS 20 does not require cellular phone service or a monthly subscription and is suitable for use anywhere in the world. You can also use our app to track on your mobile phone. Other uses include tracking people, towing dinghies/tenders or attaching to anything else that you would want to track.

The rechargeable batteries are charged inductively so the units are never opened and batteries are never changed. NB-IoT ready. The introductory price is $599 USD for a complete system with 2 transponders, base station and charging station. See the LTS 20 at MIBS electronics tent C-617.

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