let’s cheat!

I’m not quite sure that all of what this Anarchist lists would be considered cheating,  but fuck it – let’s cheat!

Can you make a “PHRF cheater”?

I would say yes. Over the years it’s been my observation that most boats are sailing at or below their ratings, and occasionally a few boats are way out performing their ratings. The question is why?

Now we all know that there are some boats out there that are flat out not rated accurately. There are reasons these anomalies exist such as lack of data points on low production boats, but Im not talking about these. I’m talking about the high production boat with a well established rating.

Let’s first look at “a well established rating”. This is a problematic statement. Take look at a random boat that fits this category. Say a J-30. This boat was in production for 7 years ending in 1986. This means that the NEWEST J-30 is now 34 years old. When was the last time your local PHRF board re-assessed the rating for a J-30. My guess would be 34 years ago!

Why is this important?

Looking around at the PHRF fleets I’ve sailed in over the last 30 years, there is something consistent. The average age of the fleet tends to be stuck in 20 year old boats. I would venture to guess this is largely based on the affordability of 20 year old boats. Well with this in mind we have to remember that things happen to a boat in 20 years. Jump in the thread!