workers of the world unite

IT’S NOT OVER … – The ILCA announcement of a first list of seven new manufacturers to whom (except for recent checks …) could be given the license, it means little. Among these also the Italian Nautivela, and Devoti Sailing (shipyard in Poland). Other construction sites likely to arrive. Is the farce over? Quite the opposite … The base of laser workers moves (even beyond the letter by Dado Castelli published by Saily and taken from many world sites). EURILCA, extraordinary assembly on March 7th – WHAT IS THE REAL MAIL AT stake

It’s not that we like to be there talking, writing, getting angry about a story that we would have happily done without, like the one concerning the boat, the name and the Laser class. The writer has started racing with a Laser, there is certainly a debt of memories and affection, but this alone is not enough.

We are obliged to give the right journalistic attention to what is happening because the issue concerns the most widespread sailboat in the world, an Olympic class, thousands of sailors today, as of yesterday and above all (hopefully) of tomorrow.

As well as choices of sports policy, governance of sailing, respect for the rules and democracy of a class association, and finally – the most delicate key – intertwining and conflict of interest in the relationship between sport and business. Does it seem little to you? Read on.