the price is not right

Planned obsolescence is a well known and shameful feature when it comes to cell phones and other electronic equipment. It is now establishing itself in the Laser class, the self-proclaimed  « epitome » of strict one-design sailing.

Sailors are now left with the dilemma of either being slower or having to upgrade their equipment at substantial cost. This trend has vast, existential, consequences for the future of Laser sailing.

Changes to Hull, Blades, Mast

The Australian Laser Class Association published on its website pictures of newly designed rudders and centerboards for the Laser – or  ILCA Dinghy.  Also, the Australian association describes changes that are being made to the hull laminate around the centerboard and the transom.

And the Australian association also confirms the availability, at a steep price, of new composite mast bottom sections for the Radial. Read on.