I really respect what the ed has provided with this space for so many, and I also understand the purpose of “Buy an ad!!!!”, but this is not for me.  My good buddy passed away and the selling of his Express 27 has surprisingly not happened. It is here in the (Hawaiian) Islands, not pristine, but well cared for, and everything is sound.

Recent mooring increases in the state harbors, is killing off what is already a weak market for selling anything nautical here. I hope it doesn’t leave the Islands because she matches our conditions soooo  well and there are so few of that type of boat here…… Fun Ones!!!!

I don’t want to sabotage the broker, (that discussion is somewhere else on these pages). But it has been almost half a year with no serious offers! I had heard it was sold about a month after it went up for sale but, I heard wrong. She is still for sale. I don’t want to get involved in the actual “sale” of the boat, it’s too personal, but I’ll provide what general information I know, or can find out, if you’re a sailor who is genuinely interested.

I would like to see a win – win a sweet boat finds a home, is enjoyed by a sailor,  but most importantly, do what I can for a friend. Someone is going to get a great deal !!  – Jump in the discussion thread.