it’s pretty simple

To all the European Laser Districts 

Dear Laser District representative, 

In its statement released on December 1, 2019 after the Annual General Meeting Eurilca wrote “EurILCA has scheduled an extraordinary EAGM for mid January to make any decision we believe necessary to protect the interests of our sailors, should significant progress on the above points not be apparent.” This extraordinary General Meeting is now scheduled for March 7, 2020 and I think it’s important that all the district representatives attending the meeting know what their members think about it, because the decisions to be taken will have a fundamental impact on the future of our class. For this reason I propose that every district has a referendum (electronically it’s quick, every member has an email address or a mobile phone where to write a message) on how to proceed. There are 2 realistic options: 

1) To continue the class activity with the rules imposed by ILCA’s actual governance, with boats and gear ILCA Dinghy built in many different boatyards in competition with each other.

2) Split form ILCA with a new class that gathers all Laser owners, keeps the original spirit from the 1970’s, remains as strict one-design as equal as possible and built by a limited amount of builders. I take the opportunity of this letter to express and justify my vote. I will vote option 2, for the following reasons: 

The main reason why I’ve been sailing Laser for many years instead of another boat is its strict one design. I do not want issues with boats and gear with different performances, that take unavoidably to pursue the fastest product. ILCA Dinghies will for sure have different performances and will for sure end up being more expensive. Who denies that is either stupid or in bad faith. – The second reason why I sail Laser is its simplicity and durability. 

I’m not interested in having innovative rigs with innovative sails that make me sail half a knot faster. There are many other boats on the market to achieve much higher speeds. – The third reason is that I’m in total disagreement with ILCA’s actual governance,  whose actions taken in the last 10 months are totally against my vision. 

I felt the need to write this letter because I have the feeling that a group of people is destroying our beloved Laser and we Laser sailors are not doing anything to defend it. 

Alessandro Castelli