people of earth

People of earth…how are you?  – Yoko Ono.

Oh look! All the colors under the rainbow just love SailGP! For fucks sake, are we in any way, shape, or form expected to think that is anywhere close to reality? Oh that’s right, Globally, 1.8 billion people connected with the competition.

This video is being roundly bashed in this thread, but leave it it to Mr. Clean to share this:

I’ve been in those rooms before. Here’s how the conversation goes:

Russell: “I am having real trouble getting anywhere near our asking price from these venues in Europe, San Fran, and the UK.”

[Comms director] Christy : “What’s the sticking point, Mr. Coutts?

Russell: “They keep saying that the public won’t accept spending their tax money on a rich privileged sport with no women and no minorities.”

Christy: “Well, they’re kind of right.”

Russell: “Sure, but we teach young black fellas to sail too!”

Christy: “I don’t know if the 33 people of color you’ve put on a boat for ten minutes are going to cut it”

Russell: “I wish we could just do all the events in Russia, Miami, and Houston.  They prefer our whiteness!”

Christy: “If we do that, we can’t ever go back to scandinavia or cowes though.”

Russell: “What about spectators? Do we have any video of minorities watching SailGP that we can promote the hell out of to prove our intersectionality?”

Christy: “There was that guy in Bermuda, but he was…”


Christy: “Let me go and find some black people on Shutterstock. Matt, can you make a video showing people of color watching SailGP”

Matt: “That’ll be extra”