While the Australian bush fires are something to stand up and take notice of it is something that brings our awareness to the dramatic change in world climates. Our fragile dependence on clean drinking water, our overpopulation and the amount of waste that each and every one of us create so that we can have the most comfortable life we can afford are all considerations we must grapple with every day. We are all connected by the actions of others, more so now than at any other time in our current known history of life on this planet.

The Australian bush fires bring the unimaginable burning of millions of acres of forest, the death and destruction of the habitat of over a billion animals, and thousands of human structures burnt to the ground.

We can easily question is this the beginning or the end? I know there are so many problems worldwide to focus on not the least of which is how we can get along with each other while still having a comfortable life for ourselves. All we can do now is think about it a little more and not be so set in our own ways and that we are all connected to this small planet. What we have is getting smaller every day.

Please just take a minute to think about the way you consume the finite resources we all enjoy at this moment and live like there will be a tomorrow. This is not the mid 20th century anymore. We cannot live like there is no tomorrow with reckless abandon and disregard for the gift we have been given of life itself. We are all connected now more than ever to each other.

This is the view from NZ. We are all guilty.  – wrboyes.