We came across this interesting feature by the BBC. Enjoy.

The Robertson family spent 38 days adrift with little fresh water or food supplies after their yacht was sunk by killer whales. Their tale of survival reveals the extremes the human body can endure.

he wind had dropped the night before, but the sea was still running pretty heavy, especially for a boat like the Lucette. The waves were about head height and in a small boat there was a real risk of going over the side. In the distance a shape in the sea moved towards the yacht.

On board, the Robertson family were 200 miles west of Galapagos and two days into a 40-day leg to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia on their round-the-world voyage. Some of the family were sleeping below deck, having kept watch through the night. The morning coffee was brewing on the stove and the family were settling into their normal daily routine. The events that took place in the next few seconds would change their lives forever. Read on.