This sounds like bullshit. If you paid somebody $100k to refurbish it, why wasn’t it on the hard? you know, in a yard? Instead it ended up on a beach after sitting on a buoy for months and now you want $2 million? Got it. 

A Tiburon couple has filed suit against the city of Sausalito, saying its program to seize and destroy derelict vessels on the bay unlawfully targeted their seaworthy boat.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court by James and Charlotte Gollub against the city, the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency and the county, alleges city officials unlawfully seized and destroyed their vessel, “Miss Fitz,” without due process in January 2018.

The couple are asking for $2 million in damages. A settlement conference is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 14. No trial date has been set. Read on.