won and lost in the derwent

You wind, weather and tide guys and gals will love this!

The last few miles of a Sydney to Hobart race has often determined the ultimate winner. Capricious, shifty wind and ‘bullets’ – gusts that come screaming down the steep hillsides lining the course are often to blame. Not to mention the notorious night time ‘shut-down’ – where the wind disappears entirely.

The role of currents here has been overlooked – most likely┬ábecause little information has been publicly available. This is set to change thanks to a new hydrodynamic model produced┬áby the Coastal Environmental Modelling Team at CSIRO which Tidetech made available for the Sydney, Melbourne and Launceston to Hobart races this year as part of a package of Grib files and analyses.

The model above reveals the complexities of the region and in this article we will take a closer look at what factors are in play. Read on.